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He said what?!

Ok. It is moment like this I am really ashamed of telling others I am a Singaporean.

Lim Swee Say criticised for remarks on M’sia and China

I have no idea how the hell he could leech on the taxpayers for so long? It just take one idiot to destroy goodwill between nation and we have found our idiot.

I am actually very embarassed that he is in the cabinet. I mean which cabinet member would boast about pinching toothpicks from restaurant?

I was clearing my web browser when I saw this article from last week:

Check and balance a seductive lie: ESM Goh
I think we should listen to our former prime minister. I suggest we abolish the police force. 

I suggest the state release my CPF. I can check myself.

I think PAP have done a wonderful job checking itself. So good in checking themselves that a certain RC chairman can approve his own claim. 

I hope our former prime minister would also take to task all political nomads regardless of party affiliation. I hope he talk to Desmond Choo who is contesting in Tampines. Not that I don’t want him. But I think I shouldn’t encourage him to break his promise to Hougang residents. 

It’s not fair when my friends from Hougang accuses me of enticing Desmond Choo to come Tampines to plunder. We have nothing in Tampines for him to plunder. We don’t even have a stadium!


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