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This has to be a joke. 

What used to be coffee shop rumors turns out to be true when this was announced: 

With immediate effect, the authorities will reject work pass applications that contain “doubtful” qualifications such as those from degree mills. This is to ensure that foreign PMEs are of a “suitable quality and experience”, MOM said.

“‘Doubtful’ means I don’t really know: Did you study for your degree?” Mr Lim said. “Maybe the institute just asked you to pay for your degree, and pretended to conduct the lesson. You pretend to study, and at the end of the day, you all pretend that you graduated. That to us is doubtful.”
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So all along degree mills are actually of some value in Singapore here. No wonder the lady in IDA could get a job there. 

She is really foreign talent. Because she is smart enough to know that why kill so many brain cells to study hard when you can buy one off the shelf?

You know the rot has set in when announcement like this have to be made. 

This is really interesting because one wonder, what the hell are those people doing? Is their job just to rubber stamp all application that land on their laps? Sad. Real sad.


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MRT suffered a massive breakdown yesterday. It is really disappointing to be still be seeing train breakdown on such massive scale after investing so much money, time and effort. It seems like nothing have changed much since the last massive breakdown.

Instead, expectations have changed. People are more resigned to delays and breakdown. It became common to hear of announcement saying the train is delayed because of congestion ahead, or due to track fault. it become so often that it became  the norm rather than the exceptional.

We have our transport minister saying:

I am extremely concerned with today’s incident. This is the first time that services on both the North-South and East-West Lines were affected at the same time. I am sorry that so many commuters experienced massive disruptions to their journeys during the evening peak hours.

I am at LTA’s Operations Centre and they have briefed me about what happened and what could have caused it, but it is too early to conclude definitively. We need to get to the bottom of what caused tonight’s disruption. I have told SMRT and LTA to work through the night to fully recover train services and ensure that services run properly tomorrow.

And then our PM joining in the fray:

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he is “very concerned at the major disruption to train services” on Tuesday evening (Jul 7).

And finally, we have the head of SMRT apologising the next day morning.


I am sick and tired of listening to them saying they are concerned. We don’t need their concerns. We need their actions! They are all highly paid to the extent of being the highest paid politician and yet they cannot get their acts together?!

I am really angry because even the most junior minister earns around S$1.6million which averages around S$130,000/month. That is 35 times of the median gross monthly income in Singapore. 35 oh my whatever rubbish fucking times! Meaning a median income earner have to work for 35 months or 1 month shy of 3 years to earn what these minister earn in a month. To earn such ridiculous and obscene amount and the whole problem is not fixed?!

Save your concerns because I am really very very very concerned.


Including the CEO of LTA, we have a milky way worth of stars and yet we still get this kind of rubbish failure and such trashy concerned message? I don’t understand. Is managing a subway line on an island of 718.3 sq km so much harder than commanding an army?


Is our subway so hard to manage and maintain that 3 President Scholar and 3 Overseas Scholar, our elites, our cream of the crop can’t even manage it?

It begs me to wonder: what is the quality?

Save your concerns. Frankly, we are the least of your concerns right now and we do not really need or want your concerns. We just want you to hand in a job performance worthy of the money that we are paying you.


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