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SMLJ is national pride…

Do you know that while Singapore hosted the Brazil-Japan friendly at the spanking new national stadium, our national team is also playing a friendly with Macau on the same day and around the same time?

This is what I mean SMLJ national pride. No one bother about the national team. No media less FAS fb bother about them. The rest are all hyped up about the Brazil-Japan friendly, how much of a sold out crowd it was, another crowning achievement to the new national stadium never mind the sandy pitch.

Ironic much that we call it our national stadium when all event and concert so far have been overseas acts and events.

Btw, Singapore and Macau drew 2-2.

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A doctor accused of overcharging the Bruneian royalty is accusing the lawyers engaged by Singapore Medical Council of overcharging.


Turns out that the lawyers were indeed overcharging the poor doctor. Haha. Poetic justice. I guess it’s a taste of her own medicine for the doctor.


Susan Lim case: Court slashes SMC’s cost claims

From the Singapore Law Watch article:

Ring binders for which SMC had priced at $6 per unit for Dr Lim to pay

No wonder these few days my admin assistant so stingy with ring binders. I must go fight war with her to claim the precious ring binder. #myprecious #fellowshipoftheringbinder #oneringbindertorulethemall

Turn out that one of the lawyers found to be overcharging is a member of parliament. I didn’t know the cost of living is so high that the MP, despite having a monthly allowance of $15,000 have to overcharge the poor doctor to bring home more dough.

I think we need to increase MP allowance so to make my MP life easier. They already have a hard life seeing our faces every week during the meet the people session.

#poorthing #hardlife #moneynoenough

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