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There was a train breakdown from Marina Bay to Newton last night of around 1+ hour.

This is the reason why Singaporeans, we truly deserve the kind of government we have in power.


We are so used to failures and failing that we have accepted it as part of our life. We have learnt to accept “It could be worse” as a perfectly legitimate excuse. What tops the cake? We have internalise this excuse that it become our collective psyche, “Be grateful! other country is worse than us”

We accept mediocre excuses and result from our government without batting an eyelid.

Being mediocre is what we do best. And who else can still say Singaporean have no fucking talent?

To add on to the mediocrity we have so willingly accepted. This year, we have 2 breach in the woodlands checkpoint, one of it even can tour the island for 3 days before driving into MFA[Link].

And remember the case where some foreigner just sailed into Raffles Marina in a catamaran to try to abduct a kid back to the UK?

Did anybody apologize for the lapse? No. The excuse given is

This case should have been prevented and dealt with more urgently and decisively. I have expressed my dissatisfaction to the Commissioner of ICA and Commissioner of Police over the breach at the Woodlands Checkpoint and the subsequent response actions

Like what one of my friend always say:谁都可以错,就是我不可以错。

How apt.


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We are truly a nation of sheep and plebeians.

Atlantic Council honours Lee Kuan Yew with Global Citizen Award

I say we are a nation of sheep, just look at Facebook, you instantly see people beating their chest and congratulating how Singapore have yet again punch above our weight. Etc etc etc, yada yada yada. Like long live Sith Lord old man LKY! Seriously…

Foreign Government Contributions to Nine Think Tanks

Do you know the government contributed an unspecified sum of money to the Atlantic Council?

Do you know that the government once said this about a news portal here:

The media watchdog said the government “has received specific information which gives it cause for concern over foreign interest to fund The Independent”, without elaborating further what that was.

Coming from some government who is funding other country’s think tank. Pretty hypocritical.

So I say, when LKY is given the award. Take it with a pinch of salt ok? But don’t take too much. Blood pressure is a killer

P.s. Not insinuating that the award was brought. But rather to ask reader to think deeper on why is the award given. Maybe he really deserved it. Smirk.

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