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Been sometime since i blogged. As you get older, there are more things to keep you busy. But anyway, saw this article Jubilee Baby Gift for Singaporean babies born next year.

It’s time to belt out some 9gag meme for this. Firstly, 20140404-073914.jpg
how about a big fat no because unless it’s something useful which everybody will use. Chances are they will either go into the trash or the interim trash room known as the store room.

And the whole idea is a badly thought out attempt at fostering patriotism.

something that is of significance and does not involve money.


I would wish my govt here would be at least on a same standard, when you dip your fat greasy fingers into the “pay me the sky” pot, you cannot expect us to be contented with such gift with no money. How about we pay you sarongs with the national flag printed on it?


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