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I told my friend that I would like to get a new laptop from Apple. But I told him that the laptop I want is too expensive here but it is cheaper overseas.

He suggested that I should get a cheaper laptop from Apple instead even though I don’t like the cheaper one.

Would you listen to the friend and go ahead and buy the laptop locally here in Singapore?

Now, substitute all the “laptop” with “house” and “Apple” with “HDB”.

Will you be making the same decision as it was when it was laptop and Apple?

This is why Singaporean, we are fucking losing the plot. Singaporean are like the mindless lemurs leaping to their death over the cliffs.

We will tell each other not to short change ourself getting a laptop we don’t want yet we force ourself to commit to a huge loan burden renting buying a house which we don’t like.

Why are we even surprised that we are the unhappiest worker and the most pessimistic population?


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The video embedded with the article is wrong on so many counts. [Link]

This is our world class parliament… Note the empty seats. Particularly, look at the amount of empty seats there is at the front row. Front rows are reserved for ministers.

Now, look at UK’s House of Commons.


What else is wrong about that video? The so called stick and carrot of fining and rewarding bus companies.

Operators can be fined up to S$4,000 for late services, lower than the maximum incentive of S$6,000 for punctual services.

Wait, did Lui said that operator will be rewarded for punctual service?!?! You all know how ridiculous it sound right?

How about if I tell my boss that he should reward me for me being punctual and doing my work?

This is what is so wrong. We are actually rewarding required job performance not job performance exceeding expectation.

And we are still told that bus services will improve. Haha. Singaporean sheeps will drink that kool-aid down with not a bit of hesitation.

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Ok. Not just the only thing that grinds my gear.

I was late for an appointment yesterday despite leaving 1.5hours earlier to travel from Boon Lay all the way back to Tampines.

The train was slow throughout and at certain part, I could see the cars below the road and we’re pretty much traveling on a same speed.

What really grind my gear is the state of public transport in Singapore. Can you imagine, what used to be a 1hour train ride from Boon Lay to Tampines got morphed into a 1.5hour snail crawl in a packed cattle car?

Having just returned from a week stay in Tokyo just makes me more worked up. Tokyo subway is world class. SMRT IS DEFINITELY NOT WORLD CLASS.

Tokyo runs on time table. All it’s train are listed the time they will arrive and they are accurate and the drivers are professional. They definitely don’t jerk and stop like how I experienced it yesterday going into Outram where the train jerk and stopped 4 times. Each time it stopped. The irritating announcement of “this train stops here for a short while…” crap just riles me up more.


What is worse? Train packed like a cattle car… Is it so hard to see the train and the system is not designed to handle so many people?

Seriously, how could Singaporeans accept this kind of rubbish services as world class transport?!

Tell me what is so world class about our public transport?! And mind you, our train ride are not exactly that cheap either. Taipei metro is so much more cheaper, on time and not as packed as a cattle car.

And to make matter worse, we’re seeing an impending train fare hike on Thursday. The transport monster minister can come up with some long fb post about extending concession for low income and disabled. But we all know fare is increasing. Might as well cut the act about announcing it together with the rubber stamp council?

Btw, not to denigrate the disabled or what. But when the train is so packed, how can the disabled in wheel chair going to enter the train?

Singaporeans should travel to other country and they will know Singapore is downright fucked in the face. I have friends who have not traveled overseas before and all they say is Singapore is the best place to stay.

Seriously people? For $400,000, you can get a 4 room flat of 106sq m here.

For the same price, you can get a waterfront property just outside Christchurch, New Zealand with a size of 300 times the pathetic 4 room.

Like wise, the same price will get you the same deal in Napa Valley, California’s wine producing region.

See what I’m saying?

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