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Ashley Madison finally made itself viral in fb last week when they announced plans to branch out to Singapore [Link].

Guess what? Whole of fb just went shit crazy like an animal in heat. Seriously?!

Is everyone so naive to think that Ashley Madison will bring about Armageddon? I’m just amused of how the religious nut jobs going around pounding their precious holy book on their chest and wail how this devil construct is going to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Oh please, spare me the holy noise..

We have even went to the extent of creating a petition to ban the website?! Well done idiots, now I know who have been banning my porn.

No, but serious, do everyone think one website is going to destroy marriage? Well, if you want to ban the website, why not start from website like SBF and LSB, while you’re at it, please go clean up Geylang, all the lap sup ktvs and not forgetting the healthcare centres all over the island.

Stop being such hypocritical self righteous ass holes and impose your flawed sense of moral code on others. If people want to cheat, or rather from the slogan of Ashley Madison: life is short, have an affair. Banning the website is not going to solve the underlying problem.

There are so many avenue for married people to cheat. Banning one website is not going to change any of that.

The only thing you going to change is your sense of guilt when you report to your God every night. Of how you all turn a blind eye to all the vice happening before this website popped up.

Seriously, get a life and have more sex.

P.s. If you’re going to ban all these objectionable website, please include those pseudo-religion where they teach you how you can get 100 fold return.



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