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Wow. Simply wow.

Saw this image of income inequality from yahoo SG website. [Link]

You just simply have to see that all those good-for-nothing government minister earns on average 108x more than the bottom earners. They are the prime example of human being who waste the Earth’s oxygen. Such two faced creatures who without shame take so much for doing so little.

How can we expect them to understand what the common people are facing when they earn such obscene amount relative to the population?

This is wrong on many fronts and such inequality will never sustain itself in the long run. We’re fast becoming a country with a sharp distinction between the haves and the have-nots.

Meritocracy is anything but dead in Singapore today. What matters most is whose womb did you pop out from? With such rising inequality, popping out from a poor womb will just guarantee you a grinding life of proverty and close to zero chance of upward social mobility.

Singapore is not what I used to know when I was younger. 



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Malaysia is going to cast their vote for the next govt. Good luck and may Malaysian have the courage to do what ball-less Singaporean can’t!

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In the pursuit of money, men treat other men as nothing. We are such despicable species.

It’s the same everywhere


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