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What is wrong with this picture??

Just to discourage skaters from using it as a skatepark, Tampines Town Council decided to barricade it up. Now everyone cannot use the park.

Tampines TC, you all stupid issit? Might as well tear down the whole badminton court?

What kind of shit brains come up with such shit ass idea?

What boils me is that I am actually paying the monthly S&CC to employ such idiots in the town council to do such idiotic acts. Hopeless…


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Mindless rantings

Not to sound insensitive or anything like that, but we are such fucking hypocritical people. When someone famous pass away, everyone turn up at the funeral like as thou they really know him. Come on lah, what about those who die everyday? Why no sympathy from those who swallow all these bs?

Everyday so many old people die in hospital without anyone claiming their bodies or crying for them, where are those act sympathy people??

It’s the same as the doctor who gave an impassioned speech about care for patients to younger doctors when he got limited time to live. If he can think and give that speech, why didn’t he practice it when he was well and not when he was left with months in his life?

Such a hypocritical world we live in.

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