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Some random thoughts

Been receiving comments for a blog post i wrote in November 2010 [Link] recently and decided to just write something I have been thinking.

Has the COE truly achieving it’s original purpose of limiting the growth of vehicle population in Singapore?

The original tenet of COE is to use it to limit vehicle growth but it is highly one dimensional and flawed. The fact that transportation is an inelastic demand The premise of using money to decide who can or cannot get the COE means the poor will be priced out no matter how pressing is the need. A rich man desire to buy another car for his 18 year old child who just gotten their driving license ultimately trump a struggling SME owner needs of buying another minivan for delivery.

We need bold leaders who dare to break the mold and ask if it is fair for the majority of the population. We can’t make the COE system to be fair to every single user, but we can make it fair to a majority. The current system is fair to the minority rich where they are not limited to buy any amount of COE. But is it truly wise to have such a system where only a minority benefit at the expense of the majority?

We have a generation of leaders without the foresight and gumption to roll up their sleeve, dive into the problem and solving it. We instead have leaders who are more interested to grow the GDP and their GDP bonus at whatever the cost. We have leaders so sheltered thru the scholarship system that preserving the status quo is the only thing they know how to do.

We effectively have a generation of leaders who have neither the political nor the moral authority to implement wide spread reform. Remember how a few years back our PM in one of his speech exhorted Singaporean to tighten their belt in the face of a slowing economy yet paying the themselves the highest political pay in the world? Have they had no shame?

How can our minister say they empathize and that they are making our life better when the train is still so crowded? What is the point of the transport minister photographed taking a bus after the election? Cheap PR campaign? Why don’t the minister take the train to work for his whole tenure? I’m sure this would add a lot of political and moral capital to him.

What is the point of defending National Service if by 2030, 50% of Singapore will be foreigner? Thank you very much but we’re not buying your patriotic propaganda.


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