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The big O. What happened between the sheets. You get my drift on the topic. Just to prove to the fringe lunatics that he is indeed alive, the old man have to come out to talk about how Singaporean must have more babies or else it will fold up. It always have to be the tone of Singaporeans have to do this OR ELSE…

Like for example:
Singaporean must accept lower wages OR ELSE there will be economic downturn.

Singaporean must accept the fare increase OR ELSE the PTO cannot maintain the public transport.

Need me give you more example? Do we want babies? Why not? I mean we’re not some mutated groups of homo sapiens who doesn’t like procreation. Look at the amount of streetwalkers in Geylang, Joo Chiat and the famous 4 level of whore, OT. I’m sure business is booming when it comes to plugging in the key into the keyhole for Singaporeans. Not to mention all the secret rendezvous in the car parks and other public place.

I cannot believe how misguided can our leaders be. It is still in their mind that the current dismal TFR is all due to the citizens (pardon my vulgarity) not fucking enough.

It is the policies all these nut-jobs implemented that resulted in the dismal TFR we have today. Stop blaming the People for your failings. Be a man, grow a pair of real balls and own up to your failures.

Remember the “Stop at 2” policy that was implemented? Bet you nut-jobs back then didn’t figured out how this program would succeed beyond your wildest dream? You wouldn’t need to open the floodgates had it not for this population control program right?

Remember the narrow definition of success that the Government so happily shove it down the People’s throat? How owning the 5Cs is the epitome of success? How being a sportsman, artist or chef is not considered successful?

Who would want to give birth when the competition starts at the age of three? And by the kid enter primary 1, they are expected to count and know the alphabets? Anything less than a degree from the local universities or prestigious overseas universities is tantamount to failure.

Remember the market subsidized HDB which is deemed affordable? Like $400,000 4 room HDB BTO? With the kind of pay an average Singaporean is getting you want him/her to stretch their financial status just to have babies? Aren’t you the same people who always chastise the People to be prudent? I guess Singaporeans are being very prudent not to have kids with such crazy HDB price. And by the way, I am sure the HDB cost way less than the selling price. How can pre-fabricated modules cost so much?! Metal rebar made of gold? Or the sand for the concrete taken from Hawaii beaches?

Before asking the People to have more babies, how about answering our question:

What can my child achieve in Singapore?

Is my child going to be able to realize their own aspirations in this land or are they just cogs in Singapore Inc.? To be produced and used just like how humans are used as a power source in Matrix?

What happened to my child when they are old? Are they going to be coffee shop cleaner with hands gnarled from arthritis earning a pittance?

I asked this question because that old man said:

If we go on like that, this place will fold up

Who will use a term like “fold up”? Only businesses will ever use such a term, so pray tell, are you asking me to have a child just so they can be cogs in this Singapore Inc.? If yes, sorry, you can try harder but I will not have a child to be your cannon fodder.


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